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The Truth about Avoiding Regret

Regret has a powerful pull.   They say one of the strongest feelings experienced as we get older is the regret of not trying something when we were younger.  What stops us from giving those opportunities a try?   Fear of failure.   That’s the most common culprit.  We’re afraid that we’ll look foolish when it fails, as if failure is some sort of trap from which we can’t recover.   That’s crazy.   One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Ken Robinson:   “If Continue reading →

082 – Getting What You Want with Scott Glaser

Getting What You Want with Scott Glaser [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode What is possible if you shut off the television? Can you really do anything you want, if you set your mind to it? How hard is it to learn to fly over 80 kinds of planes? Join us today as we rocket into a conversation about goals, dreams, and the grit to achieve them. I love today’s interview. I admit to having favorite episodes. This is one of them, Continue reading →