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Interested in bringing TTI to our middle school

Hi Debby,

We met at the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Fla. last month and I have been finally able to catch up with all of my projects.

I'd like to create a proposal to bring the Table Top Inventing program to my school. I'd like to show the students the wonders of hands-on 3-D printing just like we experienced at Model Schools. The kids involved would both be general education and special education students.

With budget limitations, we would be proposing the project on DonorsChoose.org to see if we can get some funding covered by the community. In order to complete this portion, I have to upload an estimate of how much it would cost to bring TTI to our middle school including materials and services.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Aldrich M. Tan
Paige Middle School
SDC Teacher
(760) 442-8473

Powerful Product Award

There's no way I could have learned this much in four days on my own!

Thank you for bringing Table Top Inventing to Murphy. It is such a good opportunity for this area. I learned so much last year, and really enjoyed it. Thank you also for assisting with my senior exit project of starting a maker space at Tri-County Early College. It went well, and I received the “Powerful Product” award. I even presented to our local Economic Development Commission, and they are considering trying to start a maker space for our community. You efforts have definitely had an impact on this community. Thank you!

Grant Taylor (grade 12)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2014

Teach the Teachers

Had an amazing week. Saw students who never used 3D printing, Arduino, or 3D designing become experts in it and also use their knowledge to teach teachers about the technology they were using and it's application in their classrooms. My hats off to Table Top Inventing for an amazing Inventors Bootcamp and the amazing way they allow kids to learn by immersion and exploration. I've seen students use it before at my school but got to try it first hand myself this week and loved it! If you're a teacher or school administrator on my friend's list, please check this amazing program out and have them come to your school.

Christopher Wilkerson
The Children's School, Atlanta, GA

Imagine & Invent

Inventor's Bootcamp is a really good place to learn how to imagine things, then invent them, and find a passion for engineering.

Eryc McIntosh (grade 7)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Atlanta 2015

Bootcamp was Fun!

My favorite part was the 3D printing because it was very cool. Bootcamp was very fun and I loved every part of it!

Joshua Munoz (grade 8)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Atlanta 2015

You Can Learn A Lot

My favorite part was telling people how to use the 3d printer. Kids should come to Inventor's Bootcamp because it's good and you can learn a lot of engineering in it.


Austen (grade 4)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Atlanta 2015

Awesome job and idea

Just can't tell you how much of a good idea this is. We struggle to find young people who are interested in manufacturing and or metal machining. These are high paying jobs that go unfilled because of a lack of skilled people. Every manufacturer in the USA who needs skilled employees should be supporting this. I have posted your information on the Manufactured in NC facebook page in hopes other will see this and support your cause. Before your next visit to Murphy we should talk. Maybe we could do a field trip and show them some of this technology in action. Even to the point of letting them make a part out of metal on a real machine.

-Bob Merrill, BC Machining LLC


Bob Merrill
BC Machining LLC

A Hundred Million!

It was very fun times 100,000,000!

Leyla Hall (grade 6)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015

Great Ideas Come From the Craziest Places!

Inventor's Bootcamp gives students a chance to have access to technology they might not normally have access to. Solutions to problems come from everywhere - this camp helps get them thinking. Thank you for providing this opportunity. It is great for the kids and the community. Great ideas come from the craziest places! My son enjoyed so much last year that he definitely wanted to come back. He will surely be back next year.

Harold Taylor
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015


Inventor's Bootcamp was exciting and interesting. My son liked that from the first day he saw how the 3D printing works and was able to bring home a sample (or maybe it was mom that loved the samples!). 

JD learned to work as a team and not be intimidated by older kids. It has helped make him confident and not so afraid to do work on programming.

Carol Robinson
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015

I Liked Everything

I liked everything but the 3-d printing because it was the most fun, the 3D design because it was creative, and the programing and electronics because they were challenging. It's something new and fun to do over the summer and though you have to work hard, if you struggle, they will help you succeed at any length.

Amy Tonielli (grade 7)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015

This Camp Was a Win!

This camp was a win before we even showed up. This camp is geared toward the learner who has some experience but has the right amount of teacher ratio to encourage the reluctant learner to participate. It is an environment based on mutual respect and I really appreciated the manner in which the learners were instructed, and not surprised at how compliant the students were.

My children left here hungry for more and eager to attend future camps. Cristian has a light in his eye when talking about programming that was never there before. While I don't think this will be his forte, I do know that something he thought was out of reach is now on his horizon.

Sky knew that 3D printing was going to be his thing. He excelled at cooperation with others, working as part of a design team. He excelled at programming and worked on wiring.

Thank you Debby and Steve. The boys and I met some neat people and we will be back.

Tiffany Martinez
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015


My favorite part was the 3D printing. I could make something just out of a piece of plastic and it was almost magical. You learn how to do stuff you will never forget. My friends will be doing it next year!

Sarah Kimble (grade 6)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015

Very Enthusiastic

Amy really enjoyed 3d printing and was excited to learn that personal printers were fairly reasonable. Katie and Amy both are very interested and excited in 3D design and printing, which is great because they had no knowledge of either before the camp. Great stuff. I would definitely recommend this camp to other teenagers. My kids had fun and learned a lot. Katie was nervous going in because she didn't know anything about 3D printing and programming, and she left very enthusiastic about both.

Chris Crayton
Inventor's Bootcamp - Murphy 2015

Figuring It Out

My favorite part of this camp was the fact that they taught me how to figure out 3d design and also that they showed me how to print. So now if I want to print anything I know how to design it and also how to configure it. 

I would recommend it to my friends because I had a lot of fun working with my group and also with if I could work with more of my friends then that would be even more fun.

Mason Jeffrey (grade 7)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Mammoth Lakes 2015


I loved EVERYTHING!!!!

Orion Ellis (grade 9)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Mammoth Lakes 2015

New Things

I would recommend the Inventor's Bootcamp to my friend because they are all really interested in science and they would have tones of fun. Also they are interested in learning how to do things. I would recommend it to them because I had lots of fun and learned a lot of new things!

Claire Desbailles (grade 8)
Inventor's Bootcamp - Mammoth Lakes 2015

Valuable and Fun!

My favorite part of the bootcamp was realizing that I could learn something completely outside my current skill set that would be valuable and fun! It can be intimidating to try something new as an adult, but the TTI team made the information understandable and functional. I feel like I can go home now and start inventing my own creations.

I would recommend this bootcamp to my friends without question. It's fun, interactive, and just the right amount of challenge. It teaches people about the newest technology and gives the tools to start inventing at home or at a fablab.

Melissa Briner, teacher
Inventor's Bootcamp - Mammoth Lakes 2015

You are the best!

Thank you so much for joining us for Quail Valley's Second Annual STEM night. Due to your generous donation of your time and effort the event was a huge success! We appreciate you attending and the hard work you put into making STEM night an evening of learning and fun for our students and community. Many of my students said their favorite exhibit was yours and that they learned so much from you about 3d printing and inventing. My daughter was especially impressed! You are the best! Can you please thank your children and home school students who helped too? They were great!

Kelly Thatcher
Science & Robotics Teacher, Quail Valley Middle School

Such a Great Service and Authentic People

I went to a workshop in June of 2013 to hear about the buzz surrounding 3D printing. In just a few short minutes, I was hooked. Steve and Debby are a fantastic team of Engineer and Teacher. While the workshop was short, we all had the opportunity to dabble with the design software and steps involved in printing a design using the Afinia printer. I rushed back to my worksite and ordered 2 Afinia's through Table Top Inventions (WRI3D). We've kept in contact to this day, and Debby is sure to let me know of any workshops going in in my community. I've had a fantastic school year, helping students get a hands-on opportunity with this fascinating technology. Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to partnering with you again in the coming year.

Anne McGloughlin
Jr. High Teacher

I feel energized!!

Thanks for the great workshop today!  I feel energized about conducting the Great Inventors Program utilizing 3D printers. Thank you for your hard work and creativity in putting the training together!

Everyone is able to learn how to use a 3-D printer!

Without a doubt in my mind, I would recommend this experience to everyone I know. It was educational, enjoyable, and an insight of how far technology has come. I greatly enjoyed this experience. Thank you!

My favorite part of the training was how well everyone was able to work together to understand how to use the 3-D printers, and how even though designing an item on the software could be a little complicated we were helped right away when any issues arose. The hands on style of learning is definitely the correct way of introducing the 3-D printers, and having a knowledgable crew who is so willing to help and teach, made the experience that much better.

The most valuable concept I learned was that everyone is able to learn how to use a 3-D printer. It can soon become a regular household item that everyone will be able to use because it uses basic math even though the technology is advanced.

The organization of the day was executed well. I really enjoyed how we used our printers to build parts that would help us in the competition. Making this learning experience a competition made us want to learn and use 3-D printers so that we could essentially build a part that would give us the advantage over the other teams.

Katherine Soto

Helpful, dedicated, innovative

Table Top Inventing was able to help us print a replacement part when we were stuck at Mos Eisley. Without their help we could not have repaired the Falcon in time to escape the storm troopers.

Han Solo
Space Pilot

3D Printing Fun

Steve and Debby did a hands-on workshop with their 3D Printers last June. The teachers were amazed at what could be done with this new technology. They gave examples of how they could be used to incorporate STEM into their lessons.

Elementary School

Debby and Steve from Table Top Inventing have significantly impacted my teaching and my students' learning. They have opened an entire new world of teaching and learning that my students and the entire school benefit from. Their innovation and creativity have allowed, inspired, and prepared me to create projects that motivate and engage my students. Currently, I have a team of 4th graders creating a proposal and presentation that they can take to our student council to fund a project where they will be making working pens for interactive whiteboards for our teachers to use. The learning is deep, the motivation is high. Thank you Table Top Inventing!

You guys make a great team!!!

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday!!!  I thought the way you planned the workshop around the hands-on activity was very thoughtful and really helped the students stay focused while learning the new technology.  In addition, Gabe was an incredible help to us.  He is so knowledgeable about the material and I'm just so amazed at his maturity and technical understanding and comfort level.  I think you guys make a great team!!! Thank you again for all of your hard work and effort in putting this together!

Sandy Birmingham

An approachable, powerful 3D printer

No 3D printer is perfect yet, but the Afinia H-Series H479 3D printer is the most approachable model we've reviewed, and we'd recommend it to anyone serious about getting started with 3D printing... Of the three 3D printers I've used so far, the $1,599 Afinia H-Series H479 is my favorite. That doesn't mean it's perfect, but it's a more precise, and more flexible machine than 3D Systems' first-generation Cube printer, and it's significantly easier to use than the first-generation MakerBot Replicator.

[full review here]

Perfect for STEM projects!

I love this product--seems perfect for STEM projects!

Ann Kruze
Ed Tech Consultant

Lots of Ideas

All of you were very approachable, and I got lots of ideas from Debby about the things we want to attempt this next school year, from 3d printing to robotics and onward.

A Genuine Experience to Share

The models were intriguing, and seeing the machine work was awesome. But above all, the friendliness of the staff and the students, for sure... I felt you were not a typical vendor: no sales pitch, but a genuine experience to share.

Guillaume Lorget
Biology/Geology Teacher - Lycee Francais de San Francisco

Tremendous Educational Resource

If you can close the loop between the creation and the testing of an idea, students will generate many more ideas and learn faster. 3D printers are a tremendous resource for engineering and design students.

Suzie Ama
Cerro Coso Community College, Professor

Plug and Print

I'm loving it. Such a solid and well made product! Great documentation and Great Support! Very good quality prints.

Alp Tilev

Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and Legos!

Think back to the days of Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and Legos. Remember how enthralled we were to have our hands on such amazing toys? How those same toys brought our imagination to life, letting us explore, create, and learn… using our minds constructively to hone our critical thinking skills, all while entertaining us for hours?

Now come to the present day. What do our kids do that we rarely had an opportunity to do? Sit in front of the television, watching shows with minimal cranial substance; playing video games on one of the many gaming platforms out there, learning important life skills such as stealing cars or killing people. Our kids have become complacent (as have we) because we live in a world where technology, though awesome, has spoiled us by providing instant gratification at our fingertips.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is awesome! I would hate to live without it, but remember the fun we had using our hands, figuring things out. What if I told you there was a way to effectively change the playing field, provide for our kids the same type of fun we had in terms of cultivating problem solving skills and imaginations… all while meeting them in an arena they’re being raised with (technology)?

You can give your kids (and yourself) a 3D printer; aka an “innovation generator”! You can have an idea, design it, print it, and if it doesn’t work, make it again. Imagine the possibilities!!!!

Is your curiosity piqued? Do you want to know more about how 3D printing can revolutionize education, not only at home but in the classroom as well? Then by all means, look through this site, contact Steve or Debby. You won’t find two more passionate people in terms of education, innovation, and hands on learning then these two. Down to earth, easy to talk to, honest and with a combined 20+ years in the field of education, from homeschooling to teaching/speaking at a college/university level, you won’t be sorry and you’ll gain a wealth of information. And if you have a group you’d like to have this information presented to, Debby is a GREAT speaker and would love to help you plan and/or implement an educational workshop for you.

K Stevens

Get on Board!

Get on board people! 3D printing is at the cusp of where the Apple IIe was at the start of the personal computer revolution. Having your kids learn these technology, tools, and building their skills on digital fabrication will help them prepare for the careers and innovations of tomorrow. Put another way, it's like knowing how to type vs. the hunt and peck method. How prepared do you and your your kid(s) to be when the world turns from 2D printing and 3D printing becomes the norm?

There is no one better to have than Debby Kurti as your educator/facilitator/guide as you go about exploring this brave new world. Debby brings a wealth of experience in digital creation, design, education, and exploration. Not only does she know the subject matter, but she makes it easy for others to get comfortable by creating a an environment that rewards collaboration and teamwork. I'm confident that she will help to bring out the inner creativity in all child, young and old (adults that's you too) alike!

Calvin Sov
Learning Technologist

Very Satisfied

Very satisfied with Afinia 3D printer. Software works well. Machine does a good job making models. Accuracy is excellent based on this printing technology. Setup took a bit of time getting the platform level and printing height set. Have made many models for engineering school and old car restoration. Best to withdraw filament after a printing job. Have had filament stick and had to drill out nozzle.

Jerry Craig

Excellent and easy to use

When I first started researching 3D printing, I noticed that a lot of the 3D printing community were very into making their own printers, tweaking, upgrading, etc. I realized that while this was cool, I really just wanted something that worked out of the box. 3D printing is a means to an end for me, and I really appreciate that Afinia offers an affordable, high-quality, and easy to use printer for those of us that just want to print stuff. I really don't think you could make it easier to get excellent results so quickly. If you're not interested in spending valuable time building your own printer, then this is an excellent choice.

Heath Aiken

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