Table Top Inventing: Re-awakening the Inner Inventor in Teens!

The whole topic of “Mission, Vision, and Values” may sound awfully corporate, but on the flipside, the best organizations appear to have clear mission, vision, and values (thanks to Jim Collins and many others for helping us understand why we need these).   We want you to know what to expect from Table Top Inventions.  These are ideals.  We are striving hard everyday to live up to them.  They are an oracle we consult when we lose our bearings.  For us they more than just words on a page.


Table Top Inventions is on a Mission to help kids and educators move from consuming to creating by providing products, media, and interactive community structures which make it ever easier to find the “maker path”.


Table Top Inventions has a Vision of a world in which people create together through interactive communities generating an abundance of solutions for better living rather than consuming in a scarcity mentality.


Table Top Inventions strives to live up the following Values

  • Deliver outrageous customer service (try us out and if we fail, please do us the favor of teaching us how to do it better).
  • Respect–for each other, for creativity, for all that sustains us.
  • Encourage rather than criticize (more the disciplined karate master approach than the purple dinosaur, rainbows, and unicorns).
  • Do-it-together (rather than “Do-it-yourself”).
  • Help people discover they can do more than they think.
  • Construct easier ways to find the maker path.
  • To thine own self be true (regardless of it’s dubious meaning by Shakespeare).

 To learn more about us personally, read our About Us page.

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