What is filament for a 3D printer?

If you are new to 3D printing, here’s a quick description of printer filament.  3D printers use plastic filament (think weed eater string) to print in 3D very much like your 2D paper printer.  If you still can’t visualize what the 3D printer filament looks like, here’s a picture. Pretty much the 3D printer filament is like plastic “wire” that gets fed into the printer and melted and used to build 3D models.  Most Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers print with ABS plastic (think Lego), Continue reading →

What is a 3D printer?

3D printers are miniature manufacturing plants that produce things.  What kind of things?  3D things of course!  Even with that explanation, people keep asking us if it’s like their printer at home and whether they use paper.  The printers that we provide to our customers use something called ABS plastic which is the same type of plastic used in other common household items such as Legos®.  The plastic used in the printers comes on a roll very much like fishing line or weedeater string and Continue reading →

My first time lapse!

My wife calls me “The Mad Scientist” because I love to build crazy things, but I still get excited every time I try something new or make something clever.  As a maker, it is hard not to get excited when I make things.  So the other night, I decided that the best way to explain a 3D printer was to see one working.  However if you’re like me, you are quite impatient when things take a long time, and 3D printers typically take a few Continue reading →

The Promise of 3D Printers

by Aaron H. Pratt, VP Marketing – Microboards Technology/Afinia Almost exactly one year ago, we made the decision to enter the fray of 3D printing. What we saw then, and what we see now, was a disruptive technology, positioned to change business, that was beginning to make its way into the desktop market. Technologically speaking, we knew we were a late entrant. 3D printing, sometimes called Additive manufacturing, had been around for 30 years in one form or another. But marketwise, we saw a window of Continue reading → Continue reading →

A Newbie’s Impression of 3D Printing

by: A 3D Printer Enthusiast I’m fairly new to 3D Printing and got involved via our work with the folks at Afinia. We brought a printer over to the office, set it up and started using it within 45 minutes. Initially, we made models from Thingiverse that we used in videos and photoshoots. I have to admit, I moved the printer into the warehouse so that I wouldn’t gawk at it while it was working. As I started to think about other applications, one came to Continue reading →