TTT-03-A Engineering with LEDs Toolbox Resources

Resource page for our TTT-03-A Toolbox. Check back here for project ideas, component ID pictures, and programming snippets.

Component Identification Sheet [pdf]    
Toolbox Insert Information  [preview] [pdf] [jpg]
Sample Programs  [ino file] [txt file]  

If you are new to Arduino, check out our Getting Started with Arduino page. It is full of hand selected resources that will get you up to speed and programming in no time! 

An Arduino sketch has to run inside a folder for some reason. When you say "ok" to this, it will automatically create that folder. This only happens the first time unless you move the .ino file outside of the folder.

Toolbox Insert 



2 thoughts on “TTT-03-A Engineering with LEDs Toolbox Resources

  • Brian Golphenee

    Hopefully you will get project ideas sheet loaded soon. I bought a kit at NCCE and am looking forward to using it, but really have no idea of where to begin. Hoping this sheet will help.

    • Debby Post author

      Hi Brian,

      My goal is to get some of the projects on the site by the end of the week. Would love to get your feedback on them. I’ll shoot you off an email when they are online.



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