Mini-Maker Faire in the High Desert

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Who should go to Mini-Maker Faire?

Young inventors and makers from kindergarten through rising 5th graders.

What is Mini-Maker Faire?

The Mini-Maker Faire grabs kids by the eyeballs and sucks them into the world of inventing–2017 style!  No boring books or lectures or videos. Kids get their hands on 3D printers, Blinking LED art, and digital design software for making their ideas come to life.

We designed the Mini-Maker Faire as an eye-catching introduction to the world of innovation and inventing.  For two hours, kids are immersed in hands-on simulations designed to spark curiosity.  The energy in the room is crackling with excitement.  Sign up now before the seats are all taken.

When will Mini-Maker Faire be, and how long is it?

Mark your calendar for Friday August 25, 2017 from 9:30-noon.

Where will it be?

The Mini-Maker Workshop will be at Harvest Christian Center in Phelan, CA.  All high desert mini-makers are invited.  

Why attend Mini-Maker Faire?

The world of inventing has changed in the last 20 years. New tools are allowing this generation of inventors will think up products in the morning and test them in the afternoon.  The Mini-Maker Workshop is the place to taste the future of innovation in an exciting environment.  Imagine visiting Nikola Tesla’s lab and letting kids build things with his tools!

Yet even with all the exciting new technological developments, the seed of an invention still comes from our connection with the infinite: curiosity. No amount of shiny technology can take the place of good old-fashioned exploration. Table Top Inventing specializes in bringing together timeless learning principles with plenty of shiny new technology waiting for a curious mind to bring it to life.

August 25 from 9:30-noon at Harvest Christian Center in Phelan, CA. Pricing is set to encourage families and friend to attend together!

  • $50 – if we have 20 students signed up
  • $45 -if we have 30 students signed up*
  • $40 -if we have 40 students signed up*

* We will give rebates for those signup at the higher prices when they come on the 25th.  It’s always more fun with family and friends.

Students will take home anything they make. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Space is limited. Register today!


We have partnered with the Curious Student Foundation to provide scholarship opportunities to students based on financial need. For more information, please visit

Homeschool Charter Students

This event is open to all elementary aged students in the area. We are vendors for a number of local homeschool charter schools. If you are with one of the schools below, go to our homeschool page to register for this event.


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