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Table Top Inventing is known for inspiring summer inventor camps, dynamic professional development, engaging hands-on webinars, and one-day Inventor Expos, but our new student mastermind group takes student innovation and mentoring to a whole new level!

Resonance Innovation Fellowship – High School Students

collaboration_iconHave you have ever suspected your child could stand out from the pack if only they had the right guidance and mentoring? Yes! Then read on.

The Resonance Innovation Fellowship is not some course, “system”, or social club. It is unlike anything you have seen before. In this fellowship, your child will get weekly intense, no-holds-barred interaction and feedback from Dr. Steve Kurti, a PhD physicist and entrepreneur. Find out how to apply for this exclusive mastermind group by visiting our Resonance Innovation Fellowship page.

Fired up!
This class has lit a fire under both of my kids! My daughter has made huge sacrifices to be here and LOVED every minute. The experience and collaboration has stretched and challenged her. My son is a very hands on learner. Being able to touch, feel and create kept him engaged the whole time.
~Brandy Messenger from Hesperia, CA

Inventor Camp – Summer Tech for Teens

3d_printer_Inventor Camp is the place to go when you want to become an inventor while having so much fun it might be illegal.  If you have heard of 3D printers or wondered how to program your own inventions, come to Inventor Camp.

For four days, you will have access to more 3D printers than all the schools in your town.  We haven’t released the top secret mission for this summer, but last summer, teen inventors created space cranes to safely land asteroid probes.  The summer before they created top secret security systems.  Believe us when we say having this much fun might be illegal! To watch a video and find out how to register, visit our Inventor Camp page.

Coolest Thing Ever!
Usually Aiden says, “I can’t remember” when asked about camp or school experiences. It’s his way of not having to talk. After this camp, I didn’t even have to ask. Everyday he had something to volunteer. When asked what “Arduino” was, he responded, “only the coolest thing ever”. ~Amanda Thwaits from Atlanta, GA

Inventor Expo – Schools and Groups

Industry-Electronics-iconThe Inventor Expo is designed as a 2 hour high-energy hands-on introduction to maker technology.  Students experience 3D printing, 3D design, Electronics, Robotics, and Programming.  The Inventor Expo can also be an excellent way to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your group.

The format is designed for 3 or 4 back-to-back sections of 60 students every 2 hours.  To find out how your school, community organization, or youth group can host an Inventor Expo, visit our Inventor Expo page

Blown Away!
I was totally blown away.  The kids were all doing crazy stuff on their own.
~Jean-Philippe Fontaine, a teacher from Pasadena, CA

After School Programs – Junior and Senior High Students

Tired of the same old after school programs?  Is your teen bored with the regular old clubs and activities?

Jump into 3D printing, programming, and robotics!  We don’t dumb down the technology.  Your teen will attain full strength awesomeness from the fire hose of tech learning!

Our new after school programs go deeper on specific technologies than our Inventor Camps.  If you are looking for that “next thing” on your teen’s journey to technology master, sign them up.  This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to level-up their excellence. To find out more information, visit our After School Programs page.


It's Been Great!
They showed me so much about Robotics, and I might want to pursue a career in robotics. I don’t really like working with people so I didn’t think I would like this, but it’s been great!  
~Ethan E from Hesperia, CA (grade 8)

Professional Development – Educators and Parents

CogsWe frequently facilitate dynamic and engaging professional development seminars for educators. We have worked with graduate education students at Pepperdine University, with the STEM outreach coordinators at Cal State Channel Islands, with the K12 teachers through the Mono County Office of Education, the Riverside County Office of Education, and CTAP via the Santa Barbara County Office of Education, as well as many others. We offer both half day or full day hands-on session, depending on the outcomes desired. 

To find out more about our offerings, visit our Professional Development page.

I Can Do This!
My favorite part was realizing that I could learn something completely outside my current skill set that would be valuable and fun! It can be intimidating to try something new as an adult, but the TTI team made the information understandable and functional. I feel like I can go home now and start inventing my own creations. 
~Melissa Brinar, Mammoth Lakes (Teacher)

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