Happy Holidays from Table Top Inventing!

  Happy Holidays from Table Top Inventing!   Dear Friends,   The crew at Table Top Inventing is so excited that the holidays are finally here!  To celebrate, we have 2 fun podcasts coming up and some special 3D prints for you to enjoy!   As we spend time with our friends and family this week, Debby and I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Warmest Holiday Wishes, Steve and Debby Kurti   This week on Continue reading →

Math – in Three Dimensions!

I came across an article this morning that made me wish 3D printing had been around when I was in school. I always loved algebra with it’s step by step, linear thinking. That worked well for me. When I got to geometry and trigonometry, with their 3D shapes and in-tangible tangents, not so much. One of the things that I love about 3D printing is that it pulls a 3D dimensional science  from the two dimensional pages of a textbook and brings it to life! When Continue reading →

Thanksgiving 3D Printing Project from Table Top Inventing

  Happy Thanksgiving from Table Top Inventing!   Thanksgiving Printing Project     Want to make a cool fall keepsake with your students?  Try this fun 3D printed Acorn Place Card Holder project from Cubify.com!  Just pick your favorite fall color.  Design prints in about an hour.     Visit Cubify.com here for project details or our TTI Pintrest Page!       This week on the Table Top Inventing Podcast!     Episode 11: Suzie Ama and the Thanksgiving Edition       Listen Continue reading →

3D Printing Project Ideas with Table Top Inventing!

  3D Printing Project     Check out this cool pencil robot you can make with your students!  Use your 3D printer to make the box, gear, and leg holders.  The electronic components can be found at Radio Shack.   Visit Instructables.com here for full project instructions including files for the printed components.    You can also find other projects like this on TTI’s new Pintrest page!     This week on the Table Top Inventing Podcast     Episode 9: Justin Lukasavige     Continue reading →

Inventor’s Bootcamp Road Trip Update

Table Top Inventing is on a huge adventure this summer with our coast to coast (almost) Inventor’s Bootcamp road trip!  We’re taking 2 adults, 6 kids, some fantastic helpers, and our trusty “Maker Mobile” from California to North Carolina and back to bring Project 5S to a city near you!  So far we’ve been in Hesperia CA, and Chattanooga, TN.  This week’s bootcamp is in Atlanta, GA at The Children’s School.  Next we’re headed to Murphy, NC (July 24-29).  We’ll finish up the road trip Continue reading →

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up

Chattanooga Inventor’s Bootcamp Wrap Up   The Inventor’s Bootcamp in Chattanooga, TN this week was incredible!  Both students and educators enjoyed getting creative with Project 5S. AJ (aka FoamBoardRC) stopped by to help the kids with some Arduino programming. He shared some of his favorite projects but couldn’t bring any in because he’s always tearing them apart to make something new! See some of his projects on his Instructables page at http://www.instructables.com/member/FoamboardRC/. We were excited when Geoff Millener (@GMillener) and Lindsey Frost Cleary (@FrostCleary) from Mozilla Continue reading →

Towards 3D Printed Tools: Crayon Rubbing Toy

Lately, spurred by Dr. Gary Stager’s prompt “…and then?“, I have been thinking about 3D printing and its role in K-5 education. After the initial novelty of downloading and printing models that others have made wears off, hopefully the teacher leads the class to creating their own models, using something like Tinkercad or Blokify. Students take to this 3D modeling software quite quickly and can turn out name tags, castles, and other objects of their own design. I would argue that this approach to using a Continue reading →

An Arduino Monsterbot

I know a fun project when I see one! I came across this Monsterbot on MAKE Magazine this week and am definitely adding it to my “Things to Make” file. You need the following items:  Hot Pink Faux Fur Purple PLA Filament Pink Cardstock 100# 9g Micro Servo (2) Arduino UNO (1) NeoPixels (1) M3 x 10mm Machine Screws (4) M3 Hex Nut (4) StarTech PC Screws (8) 1/4 Inch Screw Posts (12) 1/2 Inch Screw Posts (2) Ping Pong Ball (1) Once you’ve gathered Continue reading →

At the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank

Debby and I had a chance to speak at the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, CA, this past week (Jan. 31).  We had a blast and quickly got information overload.  For those of you that couldn’t go, we thought we’d share a few highlights. As we entered the conference center we saw some awesome 3D printed scupltures and other 3D art.           Conference Keynote After admiring the 3D art in the entryway, we made our way to the keynote address Continue reading →

The Dot

What can I say but that I absolutely love the work of Peter Reynolds. My kids love The DOT, and our Welsh Corgi is named Ish because even though he’s small, he’s dog-ish. So when our little 3D printing company got a booth a couple of spaces down from the FableVision booth at CUE2013, we were quite excited. On Friday afternoon at CUE, we had a chance to speak with the folks from FableVision and in the process of the conversation someone brought up the Continue reading →

Filament Clips

We discovered that if we just let the filament go “sproing” after we removed it from the printers that the filament could get tangled.  The problem is that reinstalling a tangled roll can lead to the extrusion stopping mid print.  Then you have a half-finished print that is most likely useless.  Thus was born our filament clips.  We downloaded a couple from Thingiverse, but they didn’t really do the job for us.   Below is a link to download our solution for the Afinia filament that we Continue reading →

Save your earbuds, get a 3D printer!

So here’s a really great superficial reason to get a 3D printer, but we just uploaded a new design for an “Earbud Saver” on Thingiverse.  Here’s what we wrote there: “Ever pull your earbuds out of your pocket, see the tangled mess, and wonder how much more abuse they will put up with? Yeah! Me too! I happen to like the set of earbuds in the photo so much that I’ve cut back the wires and soldered them several times already. Then I started using Continue reading →

Makin’ it on Broadway – Metrix in Seattle

So I thought that since I was already in Seattle for business that I’d stop in to one of the local hackerspaces.  After a little searching online, the one that looked the closest and most promising was the Metrix Create:Space.  After finding my way by bus to Broadway East in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, I hiked up Broadway for a few blocks.  Pretty soon the little arrow on my Android phone suggested that I should be right at the front door.  However, I Continue reading →