019 – From Choir to Coding with Ben Meredith

What would lead a music director to a career in computer coding? How can you get people to read your online posts even if the content seems at first to be bland? Is it really necessary to create an explosion every time I light the grill? Why did Nikola Tesla wiggle his toes 100 times every night? What does all this have to do with inventing and education? Our guest today, Ben Meredith, is a self-taught web developer who creates great WordPress plugins. If you aren't familiar with WordPress, it is a web kit to help average people start a website. Forbes says that 20% of Websites are now powered by WordPress--that's somewhere north of 60 million websites powered by WordPress--and Ben is developing plugins for this extremely powerful web force. Listen in to see what Ben has to say about the power of the web and self-education.

Towards 3D Printed Tools: Crayon Rubbing Toy

Lately, spurred by Dr. Gary Stager’s prompt “…and then?“, I have been thinking about 3D printing and its role in K-5 education. After the initial novelty of downloading and printing models that others have made wears off, hopefully the teacher leads the class to creating their own models, using something like Tinkercad or Blokify. Students take to this 3D modeling software quite quickly and can turn out name tags, castles, and other objects of their own design. I would argue that this approach to using a Continue reading →

CUE 2013 was awesome!

I just can’t believe the outpouring of support we experienced at the Computer Using Educators (CUE 2013) conference these past few days!  This post is a big thank you to all the teachers, administrators, and support staff of the schools represented at the conference.  You guys were so much fun.  I think I can speak for Debby, Kandi, Emilee, Seth, Matt, and Riley when I say that the Windy Ridge Innovation (WRI3D) crew had a blast hearing your stories and ideas for 3D design and Continue reading →

3D design software

After you get tired of downloading “things” from “Thingiverse” or when you find that noone has just the right 3D model for what you need, you will need to consider getting some 3D software to do your own modeling.  This however can be a tricky task, and I highly recommend you do a little thinking about what you will want to make with your software.  The task of deciding what you want to design will probably be 90% of your task prior to purchasing 3D Continue reading →