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Wisdom and Craftsmanship with Jim McKinley

If you or your kids are interested in small business, pull up a chair and listen in for some timeless advice from today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest, Jim McKinley. Jim has been in the same family business for over 50 years, making custom accessories for trucks. He’ll share with us the ups and downs, experiences, and lessons he has learned along the way. Download today’s episode at Jim, along with his brother Bob, run McWelco Products, a well known company here in southern Continue reading →

Innovation and Openness with Lisa Camp

In today’s world, we already have the internet, smartphones, and lots of other cool stuff, but do you ever wonder where the next big idea is going to come from?  We’ll find out what Case Western Reserve University (My alma mater for graduate school!) is doing to foster and support innovation and ideas during today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast interview with Lisa Camp.  Join us as we discuss her life path, the importance of higher education, and how openness is key to innovation. Download today’s Continue reading →

Transformational learning with Kristin Barbour

On today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast, I’ll be interviewing guest Kristin Barbour about her work using transformational learning to help kids with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.  We’ll discuss her background and interest in understanding human cognition and its ability to be changed with education over time.  So hang onto your hats and get ready to dive deep for today’s episode. Download today’s episode: Kristin, who joins us from Chesapeake, Virginia,  is currently the Executive Director of The National Institute for Learning Development.  She’ll Continue reading →

Living life on your terms with Kimanzi Constable

Are you living life on your terms, doing what you love to do?  If not, are you taking any steps to change what you’re doing?  Kimanzi Constable, today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest and author has been there.  He wasn’t happy with his life’s direction a few years ago and started making some big changes.  We’ll discuss how Kimanzi went from being burned out and missing his family to doing what he loves.  Join us to find out how you can make those changes too! Continue reading →

Asking “Why” with David Seto

Do you ask the question “Why”?  Why is something the way it is or why does something work the way it does?  We’ll discuss the importance of asking “why” and how it relates to learning with today’s Table Top Inventing podcast guest and fellow 3D printing entrepreneur David Seto.  Listen in to find out how David and his company, 3D Roundhouse get parents and their kids to ask the question “Why” together! Download Today’s Episode: David, who joins us all the way from Hong Continue reading →

Lifelong Learning with Dr. Rachel Winston

Do you have a high school student at home?  Debby and I have a couple, and many conversations focus on future plans.  Today’s Table Top Inventing podcast guest, Dr. Rachel Winston is an expert on the subject of college planning.  Her mission is to empower and guide students as they decide on colleges and careers.  We’ll discuss her love of learning, guiding others, and touch some strengths and weaknesses in today’s education system.  Be sure to join us for this enlightening episode! Download Today’s Episode: Continue reading →

Life Lessons and Innovation with Phil Drake

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”?  What tools come to mind with that phrase? Maybe computers?   Phil Drake, today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest, had that thought too as he was looking for ways to automate his father’s accounting business.  Only it was back in 1977 and the first computers were moved around on carts.   Listen in and find out what it was like learning to using the first computers and other life lessons with this innovative businessman. Download today’s episode: Continue reading →

Entrepreneurial Spirit with Kirk Bowman

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Have you wondered how to instill that same spirit in your kids?  If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place with today’s Table Top Inventing podcast guest Kirk Bowman and I.  Pull up a chair and listen in while we discuss what it takes to run your own business and how we obtained the education to get us there. Listen to today’s episode: Kirk, who joins us from Texas, has been an entrepreneur all his life….literally. Continue reading →

The ultimate quest with Ed Kless

Have you wondered what drives some people to stratospheric success while others slowly fade into mediocrity?  We explore the foundation of these two paths in today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast episode. What is the ultimate quest?  You’ll have to listen in for the answer. Get today’s episode: Ed Kless, our guest today, comes to us from the great state of Texas!  Along with hosting a weekly talk radio show called “The Soul of Enterprise”, he is a senior fellow at the Verasage Institute, and Continue reading →

Getting Hooked on STEM with Alma Ripley

Are you hooked on STEM?  We sure are at Table Top Inventing and so is today’s podcast guest, educator Alma Ripley.  Join us as Alma and I discuss the use of STEM, project based learning, and her involvement with the STEM Trajectory Initiative. Download today’s episode: Alma is a long time educator who has served in both public and private schools.  She is currently an administrator at Carlos Rey Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she founded the STEM Trajectory Initiative.  Alma will Continue reading →

Giving youth direction with author John Griffith

This week on the Table Top Inventing Podcast, I get to interview author and environment conservationist John Griffith.  We’ll discuss the importance of diversity, meaningful work, and his involvement with the California Conservation Corps.  John will tell us how the CCC helps turn around the lives of troubled youth, while helping the environment. Listen and subscribe: John, who joins us from Arcata, CA is one busy guy.  Not only is he the author of Totem Magic: Going MAD, a fast-paced eco-fantasy novel for teens, Continue reading →

Intrinsic learning with Caleb Simonyi-Gindele

Are you one of those people that just loves to learn?  I know I am and so is today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest Caleb Simonyi-Gindele.  Join us as we discuss formal versus experiential learning and how learning is intrinsic for curious people. Download this episode: Caleb, who hails from Canada, is a lifelong learner (he had a basement workshop as a kid!) with an interesting background.  He will share with us how his love for learning lead him to become a business professional Continue reading →

The power of story and experience with Jody Maberry

Have you ever thought about why you try out buying from a business and end up becoming a regular customer?  Maybe you decided to purchase from them initially because you heard they had fast service or specialized in what you need.  Once you were there, not only did the employees have what you need, they also gave you some special inside tips.  When you went in a second time, they remembered your name… it’s the only place you’ll go for that item.  Today’s Table Top Continue reading →

Finding direction with Tom Friedhof

Do you have a passion or hobby that you turned into a profession? Join us for today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast episode with guest, Tom Friedhof.  Tom will tell us about how he discovered his love for coding and his journey to becoming a website developer. Get today’s episode: Tom, who hails from Victorville CA,  is the founder of, a web development and digital marketing company.  He’ll explain how he went from studying drafting in college to finding his love for coding, all Continue reading →

How to Grow Independent Thinkers with Dr. Yong Zhao

Have you ever fretted over how to encourage your child to think on their own–without needing to be told every single step?  Are you afraid your kids might end up in your basement after high school or college?  As a special treat for our visitors at the Model Schools Conference (, we are excited to have education expert Dr. Yong Zhao as our guest on today’s show to discuss growing independent thinkers!   Get today’s episode here: Dr. Zhao is originally from the Sichuan Continue reading →