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076 – Flying High with Dr. Wayne Smith

Flying High with Dr. Wayne Smith [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode Does your child want to become a doctor but doesn’t have the grades? Have you ever wondered what happens when you get put to sleep by an anesthesiologist? What is the purpose of licenses and credentials? Join us as we strap on our boots for a trek along alternate paths into healthcare. Today’s podcast breaks a streak I’ve had for quite sometime on our podcast. For various reasons, I have Continue reading →

075 – Innovators and the F-Word with Tony Wagner

Innovators and the F-Word with Tony Wagner [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode How can we get teens to discover their innovation potential? What is the secret of educating for innovation? How much will innovation matter over the next 20 years? Join us for a gripping look into the future economy and what students will need for success. Today’s guest is an expert in residence at Harvard’s Innovation Lab and an extremely innovative educator. If you have been wrestling with how to bring Continue reading →

074 – Hands-On Education with Stephen Bralley

Hands-On Education with Stephen Bralley [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode What does it feel like to be a student with dyslexia? Do some forms of teaching create more powerful learning? What is the real meaning and purpose for letter grades? This thought-provoking episode holds the answers to these questions. Today’s episode is one of the most quotable episodes we’ve had. We have had a few like this one, Michael Wesch’s episode #25 for instance. You will want to listen closely because Continue reading →

073 – Googling with Eric Hennigan

Googling with Eric Hennigan [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode Have you ever wanted to work at Google? Does Google really have a climbing wall at the office? How important is practical programming experience if you want to work at Google? Today on the Table Top Inventing podcast we are talking to a Googler*. If you are curious about some of the things you’ve read about Google, their employees, and the amenities at the office, stay tuned. On the interview, Eric Hennigan Continue reading →

072 – Excellence in Learning with Andrew Pudewa

Excellence in Learning with Andrew Pudewa [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode How is the Suzuki Method related to writing? How can students get past the “blank page” road block? How can limitations actually increase creativity rather than decrease it? Today’s podcast will have several surprises and interesting practical approaches for teaching and learning. I have interviewed many fascinating guests, but you will be hard-pressed to find a better overview of powerful learning ideas on our podcast. If you have ever played Continue reading →

071 – Finding Resonance with Dr. Steve Kurti

Finding Resonance with Dr. Steve Kurti [In This Episode][Guest Bio][Additional Notes][Text Transcript] In This Episode Do you have teenagers? We often think of teenagers as difficult or challenging, but is it possible that they are really the most innovative members of our society? How much could a teenager create if they had the right tools? Join us today as we discuss the potential in those wonderful years of teenagerhood. WARNING! This is a listener advisory. The word “amazing” is over used in this podcast and will Continue reading →

070 – Educating Your Curiosity with Geoff Wiggs

How does one start as a computer programmer and end up as a lawyer? How is a deeper perspective on history related to Maker Education? What is the difference between seeing the Mona Lisa on a website and seeing it in the Louvre? Our guest this week, Geoff Wiggs, has a few things to say about that. I also have a little bit of a "Don't try this at home" story in the Great Inventor's Secrets section. This is an official listener advisory message: Today's podcast is not for the faint of heart. The material is top-notch, but prepare your sensibilities.

069 – Inspiring Engineers with Gray Bright

Can a robotics engineer actually be any good as a stand-up comedian? What happens if you retrofit your car with effects from a racing video game? Do real engineers play with Legos? How do you make your fridge shutoff automatically when you put on weight? Our guest today is Gray Bright. We laugh all the way through this interview, but we're talking about serious fun. Gray's creativity and mischievous ideas are infectious. Join us for a fun conversation about inventing, fun, and never growing up!

068 – Calculated Risk with Troy Hartman

How does someone who hates the idea of sky diving end up in a career as an aerial stuntman? What exactly do you have to do to lose your pilot's license three times? What is the value of risk? In the arena of life, is it more dangerous to play it safe? Our guest today is Troy Hartman, the man with a JetPack! Troy has an amazing story, and it's peppered with little choices that involved risks. Definitely check out the show notes today to see Troy's JetPack videos. We showed one particular video in all of our Inventor's Bootcamp summer camps in 2014 because he did such a great job describing the emotions and responses to risks. Let's tune in to hear what this engineer and pilot turned stuntman has to say about risk.

067 – A Real Education with Dr. David Thornburg

Dr. Thornburg has worked in the field of educational technology since the early 1980's. His focus is on STEM education, and he is a strong proponent of tinkering as a pathway to helping children learn about engineering. He is the co-author of the book "The Invent to Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom" which is aligned to both the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Math standards. Listen in as Steve and David talk the advantages of inquiry-driven, project based learning and what education means in a modern world.

066 – Transformational Learning with Michael Wesch

What is digital ethnography? How difficult is it to learn to use a 3D game creation engine? How would Maker Schools change how we do education? Why are initiation rituals a critical right of passage into a society? Speaking of rituals, today's guest Michael Wesch advocates the adoption of some curious rituals. Keep your headphones in or your bluetooth synced up, because today's podcast has enough quotable ideas to really stir your noodles. I won't give any spoilers, so let's listen in to the conversation Michael and I had recently at the Bakersfield College Learning Technologies Conference.

065 – Taking Back Education with Linda Polin

In this episode, that originally aired on November 6, 2014, Steve and Dr. Linda Polin have a lively discussion about taking back education from the forces that have corrupted it, including the answers to questions such as: How can you learn secrets directly from a great inventor? How do we take back education from the dark forces of the universe? How can we help students become who they were meant to be? Stay tuned. Some of Linda's answers may surprise you!

064 – Ambition and Service with Mark Stoleson

Welcome to the Table Top Inventing podcast where we discuss innovation, success, and the path to a good life for teens and those who guide them. We have a special treat for you today. I had an opportunity to bump into a successful executive at a business conference earlier this fall. I was so impressed by his story and the values of their company that I knew I had to find a way to bring his wisdom to our show. Mark Stoleson is the CEO at Legatum a global private investment fund based in Dubai--The United Arab Emirates. I love the way Mark frames his experience. As you listen to this interview remember some of the greatest success stories began in humble places. It isn't about getting it right every time. Success is about how you face what life brings. Let's listen in for timeless wisdom from a life well-lived.

063 – True Potential with Allison Jenson

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the podcast where we discuss innovation and potential in teens. At this time of year, we explore gratitude and the effects of thankfulness on our lives. Today's episode is about "Hope"--specifically hope for parents and educators who may have a student with unrealized potential. If you need a shot in the arm or encouragement to stay the course, today is for you. Allison is a professionally certified educational therapist and the Program Development Manager at the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). As a young person facing chronic pain, she learned the value of hope and tenacity, and these experiences shaped her desire to see the full potential in students cultivated and bloom into beautiful things. Let's listen in for a hope-filled journey through the life of a passionate educator.

062 – Free Agent Kevin Miller

This is the podcast where we discuss innovation, excellence, and entrepreneurship for teens and the adults who cheer for them. Today's guest is a personal development enthusiast. Kevin Miller grew up as an entrepreneur. In fact from his earliest memories, he always thought of himself as an entrepreneur. Recently his enthusiasm for personal development led him to work with the Zig Ziglar brand, and he's now the host of "The Ziglar Show", one of the top 10 most popular business podcasts in the world! Listen in today to hear the exciting and gritty details of growing up as an innovator.